Life's Journey

Sailing is the art of moving a water craft using the wind. In many respects, the process of sailing is similar to that of living. One almost never reaches a definable goal, "sailing" in a straight line. Winds are always changing, forcing one to “tack” or change course to catch the wind and move towards the goal at an angle. Life's journey is also, almost never a straight line. The winds of "fate" are constantly changing, forcing us to "tack" in directions that we may not have thought of.

Wind is fluid, variable, and only slightly predictable – very much like the future. The economy, like tidal movement, is cyclical, but is not as predictable.  We must recognize and plan for these fluid, variable, and cyclical events.  We do this by finding and using a skillful navigator.

Navigation basically consists of charting a safe course to a destination. It includes the ability to assess where one is along the route at any point in time. In life, we need to set goals and measure progress to them. The concept of taking fixes (identifying location on the water) and setting waypoints works equally as well both on and off the water.  These "fixes" are used to assess progress and alert us to needed adjustments.

A financial planner plays the role of a navigator. He may not be able to read the winds of fate before they happen, but he prepares his craft to be able to withstand nature's changing weather. He knows the charted waters, and he knows how to sail the craft to a safe harbor.

We all have the power to chart a course and sail towards it or drift. In cruising or racing, we set a course and take action to arrive at a destination varying only the speed and intensity of the voyage. If we lack planning and let external factors set our course and speed, we drift without direction or purpose.  Let me help you cruise to toward your life's financial goals.